Internet Recruiting and HR Compliance

A high performing team is critical for the growth and overall success of any business. Leverage the most effective digital technology to identify, reach, and hire the best talent while ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Talent Acquisition

Attract the best talent to fill your jobs using a combination of your own career site, job boards and recruiting sites, employer branding and various recruitment marketing tactics:

Talent Outreach

Leverage technology and marketing outreach to actively identify and connect with potential candidates who may not be actively searching for a new job. The passive applicant pool is the gold mine for the best talent.

OFCCP Compliance

Ensure that your hiring practices comply with all employment laws including non-discrimination policy.  Also engage in affirmative action for underrepresented groups if you have any federal contracts or subcontracts.

Internet Recruiting – Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the process of finding, attracting, and hiring top talent. The most cost efficient and scalable strategies leverage the internet recruiting methods such as the use of company career sites, general and niche job boards, job aggregators, employer branding, and career fairs.

A company career site is at the core of your talent acquisition method where you post all your job openings where potential candidates can apply for jobs, learn about your company, mission, benefits, and work culture.

Advertising on job boards can be very effective to attract potential candidates to your job postings and receive applications. There are various types of job boards and job aggregators with various price models to choose from.

Resume search is a powerful and effective tool to quickly find, and review resumes of top talent who are open to new opportunities but may not actively looking for a job change  but open to new opportunities.

Employer branding can help to attract and retain top talent by highlighting the unique work culture, people, values, and of your company through a variety of marketing channels and media advertising options.

Done efficiently, career fairs and recruiting events, both in person and virtual, can be extremely effective to connect with potential candidates at a large scale and build your talent pipeline for current and future hires.

Job Boards

Internet Recruiting – Talent Outreach

Talent outreach refers to the process of actively identifying and connecting with potential candidates who may not be actively searching for a new job. Both digital and non-digital methods should be used for a comprehensive outreach program to find the best talent and build your dream team. Popular methods include:

Recruiting Outreach

Job alerts are notifications that inform job seekers about new job openings that match their preferences and qualifications.  They can help you hire talent by allowing you to reach out to a large pool of potential candidates.

Candidate outreach can be an effective way to reach top talent and connect with potential candidates by sending personalized emails to individuals who have the desired qualifications and experience for a specific role or roles.

Diversity outreach is the practice of actively seeking out and recruiting a diverse group of candidates for job openings. This can include candidates from underrepresented groups and can help elevate overall results.

College recruiting is the process of reaching out to and recruiting students and recent graduates from colleges and universities for job openings. It can be an effective way for companies to hire top talent.

Recruiting events are events organized by companies or recruitment agencies to attract and connect with potential job candidates. They can be an effective way for companies to hire top talent for several reasons.

Internet Recruiting – OFCCP Compliance

OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) compliance refers to the enforcement of the regulations and guidelines that mandates employers with federal contracts not to discriminate and take affirmative action in the hiring of protected groups such as veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and minorities.

Federal contractors must establish an affirmative action plan (AAP) to ensure that they are making a good faith effort to recruit, hire, and promote qualified individuals from protected groups.

Federal contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from discriminating against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected characteristics.

Federal contractors and subcontractors must take affirmative action to recruit, hire, and promote qualified individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.

Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to keep records of their hiring and employment practices to demonstrate compliance with OFCCP regulations.

OFCCP conducts compliance audits to assess the compliance of employers with federal contracts and subcontracts. These audits can include on-site reviews, document requests, and interviews.

OFCCP Compliance

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