Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing

Use data to track business spending and drive cost-savings by optimizing your purchasing. Develop strategies to source materials or services externally including offshore negotiating contracts and establishing metrics.

Strategic Sourcing

We provide market insights through competitor benchmarking, in-depth market research, competitive intelligence, and SWOT analysis, enabling  informed, strategic decision making.

Strategic Outsourcing

We guide you in strategic outsourcing decisions, including vendor selection and contract negotiation and results through performance monitoring, benchmarking, and change management.

Strategic Sourcing Services

We offer end-to-end strategic sourcing solutions, from strategy development and supplier evaluation to cost optimization and supply chain risk management, ensuring efficient and resilient supply chain operations.

Helping you design and implement a comprehensive sourcing strategy tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Assisting in the identification and assessment of potential suppliers, including supplier due diligence and performance evaluation.

Implementing cost-saving initiatives through negotiations, process improvements, and strategic vendor management.

Developing strategies to mitigate risks in the supply chain, including supply chain resilience and contingency planning.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Outsourcing

We help you in strategic outsourcing decisions, including vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure successful outcome through performance monitoring, benchmarking, and effective change management.


Advising clients on the decision to outsource and helping them select the right outsourcing partners.

Assisting in contract negotiations and establishing robust governance structures for the outsourcing relationships.

Implementing mechanisms to track and measure the performance of outsourcing vendors against agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs).

Managing the transition process when shifting functions to an outsourcing partner, including change management, knowledge transfer, and process continuity.